Hello and welcome! 

I'm Steph, an artist specialising in botanical and natural artworks. I also create abstract art, which I find to be more therapeutic and a better way of expressing myself creatively. Currently I am exploring abstract works as a way of bringing my love of natural elements and my emotive side together.

I was born in New Zealand, and moved to Melbourne in 2014. After yearning for a creative career all my life (and dabbling in many things, including fashion design, backstage theatre work and lifestyle blogging) I finally discovered and fell in love with botanical watercolour. My love for watercolour started when I decided I wanted to design my own tattoo - I had been dreaming of a dramatic half sleeve, awash with colourful flowers! After a botanical art course at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, the tattoo idea slowly faded but the passion for painting flowers was in full bloom.

After a year of painting in watercolour, I began to struggle with motivation. I realised that although I was able to recreate the beauty of flora, I felt stifled creatively. Abstract pieces and abstract realism are a way of expressing my emotions and thoughts , the exploration of these forms of art have been liberating. They also allow me to be able to focus on complex botanical pieces when I need to, and overall feel more fulfilled as an artist.

Thanks for visiting. You can view my current work here, or follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily(ish) updates on my life as an artist.