>>Unapologetic Colour<<

Hello and welcome! I’m Steph,  a New Zealand-born artist, who has been living in Melbourne since 2014. I paint from my home studio in Werribee. I create extremely vibrant contemporary artworks that draw inspiration from both nature and my suburban surroundings. My work combines my life in Australia, memories of New Zealand, feelings of daydreams, youth, being in nature, and my mind's conflicting love of both order and mess. My artworks play with the contrast between patterns and disarray, with an aim of “happy balanced chaos” in each finished piece.

Although I painted as a hobby throughout my life, my real journey started when I discovered and fell in love with botanical watercolour following a course at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne in 2016. Late 2018 brought about a transition for me, with my artistic focus moving from highly detailed botanical works, to abstract works that explode with colour. My pieces look amazing as either a pop of colour in a neutral space or as a friend to a bright and bold room interior.

Thanks for visiting my site! You can view my current work here, or follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily(ish) updates on my life as an artist.

Steph x