As a human occupying space and resources on this planet, I feel committed to creating beautiful artwork with less of an impact on our environment. The materials used for creating and packaging artwork have created an ethical dilemma for me for some time, which is why I’ve created a sustainability plan for my art practice in 2019.

Plastic Elimination - Artwork needs to be packaged so it is waterproof and knock-proof, and in most cases this involves a lot of plastic nasties. Bubble wrap, foam and adhesive tape are usually the main offenders. After extensive research I have sourced packaging materials that I believe will ensure your artwork arrives to you in perfect condition, while significantly reducing (and in some cases eliminating) plastic waste. Any plastic bubble wrap or filler is REUSED, and I encourage you to reuse it again, or recycle if possible. Most cardboard is reused, and while this may not be the prettiest method of packaging, it is still as sturdy as a brand new box. Remember - it is the artwork inside that you should love! 

When you buy artwork from me, the packaging will contain some or all of the following:

  • Compostable “plastic” wrap made from cornstarch.

  • Cardboard - reused and/or new

  • Compostable cellulose packing tape or paper tape

  • Reused plastic, bubblewrap, polystyrene or foam (please recycle or dispose of responsibly)

  • Greenwrap – a 100% paper based, bubble wrap alternative

 Your artwork will also contain a handy list of the above, with all the disposal/recycling options for each material.

Other Materials - I work hard to ensure that all paints and canvases I use contain no animal products and are not tested on animals. I will always check with a new supplier before buying from them.  Other media such as tape or paper that I use for texture in my artworks are things I have saved from going into my household waste. I also use non-aerosol varnishes, and do not use aerosol spray paint.

My sustainable art practice is a work in progress, and I will be using up all the products I currently have so as not to be wasteful. I gratefully welcome any suggestions for improvement. If you have any questions about the products or suppliers I use, please feel free to ask.


Soft plastic recycling in Australia -

Disposing of polystyrene and foam - OR